Weekly Finds: Noname and Home Brew

This week’s weekly finds focus more on the notion of Hip-Hop and is music which are ont only vastly different in lyrical content but also in geographical location with New Zealand based Home Brew and the US based Noname

Home Brew Last Week

Home Brew are a hip-hop group from New Zealand who unfortunately now aren’t together. However, that doesn’t stop their music being as relevant now as it was when they were still creating music. This particular EP Last Week was originally released in 2008 and simply details each day of the week for the group, mainly centring around  Tom Scott. The record details waking up for work, being broke, drinking and just being able top relax with either your friends or your better half. It is in this relate-able and simple idea that Home Brew truly came in to their own, with people all across the world finding and praising this album for its honest outlook on simply 7 days in a persons life.

This EP is a very interesting and captivating listen as each track has a completely different feel to it. For example if you compare the album’s beginning and end there is a clear sense of tonal difference whilst also understand of the fact that earlier part of the album/week occurred. The last thing that sticks out when listening to this album is the fact that is runs as an endless loop, as soon as Sunday ends Monday begins again.

As the band went on they started to create music which packed more of a punch talking about the issues of mental health whilst at the same time keeping the tone and delivery which is present on the entirety of Last Week. 

Noname – Telefone

This next album is a complete polar opposite to what is found on Home Brew’s EP, this album from Noname is a beautiful and at time harrowing mixtape that talks about race, love and other topics which add to a beautiful album that is full of beautifully crafted words and instrumentation.

When I was first introduced to this mixtape I was showing Reality Check a track which speaks about her own issues which she encountered while trying to create this tape and it is a well orchestrated track which doesn’t only encompass this thick and throbbing beat but also a set of lyrics which truly  pain a picture in the mind of the listener as the track powers through.

As this album continues Noname continually delivers tracks which have lyrical content that is simultaneously achingly piercing and disarmingly charming. Alongside this the production on this album is second to none, it feels vintage in it’s makeup and that truly adds to the overall feel of the record. One of the other memorable cuts off of this tape is Freedom Interlude a track which is tied together with a sample of Nina Simone in which she talks about the meaning of freedom, and how on stage she felt free, despite what troubles were going on in here life. This same feeling is felt throughout Telefone.

Overall, this album by Noname is worth listening to simply because it is different and isn’t something you will see in the mainstream market very often, but alongside this the album feels very personal, you can almost feel Noname‘s emotion through every word and tonal choice.



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