Let’s Talk About: There Being No Good New Music

The scourge of Twitter, Facebook, and just general comments on various websites is that there is no good new music. Yet this claim simply isn’t true, it is a extremely false accusation that comes from many people who have been set on their musical taste for a few years or simply have refused to listen to anything that differs from what came out when they finish High School. However, due to sites such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud there is more music being put out than ever before and it is through these sites and through many major labels the music now is just as good as it has been in the past you just have to be willing to do a little bit of searching and not be complacent when it comes to looking and riffling through artist after artist until you strike upon something that is gold.

However, before delving in to the more underground and independent music that can be found through the two sites mentioned above it is necessary to simply debunk this statement by looking at music which is either being released soon or has come out in the past year from more major labels. The first artist that comes to mind that may polarise readers is Harry Styles with only two tracks released, one of which is Sweet Creature, from his upcoming solo release the buzz around him has grown and these two tracks are cementing him as a viable solo act. Sweet Creature is an extremely different track to what we have seen Harry Styles on before and is not only a welcome change but also interesting considering just how great the track is. Making me at least question could he have done this from the get go?

Another artist that truly brings forward this argument for there being good new music is last year’s phenomenal release of Lemonade by Beyoncé, an album which was not only talked about for months after it’s exclusive Tidal release but also got Adele to break apart her Grammy for Best Album, claiming that Beyoncé deserved to win.

Yet this now brings us to the independent music that comes from sites such as the aforementioned Bandcamp, this site it purposefully built so musicians from all walks of life, and all genres can publicly share their music and allow people to find and experience their sound, even if they are in different countries.

Similarly to the basis of this blog, Bandcamp allows for musical exploration and allows for you to discover things in a specific genre or attribute of music that you may wish to hear. When it comes to exploring Bandcamp it never does take long for you to find something that is not only good but can help re-evaluate your opinion on a genre, as there are many artists/bands who are creating something so beautifully structured and well planned that you can’t help but delve further in to a genre from this base starting point. Two bands who  particularly helped me with gaining further understanding of certain genres are Covet and mouse on the keys.

So, before you do decide to say there is no good new music, challenge yourself and explore places like Bandcamp as you may find your CovetBeyonce or mouse on the keys and find that in fact there is alot of good new music out there.




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