Weekly Finds: Gabriel Gundacker – I Wanna Meet Richard Dreyfuss

This weeks weekly find is special and is something that will happen every so often, this is because I am only bringing one thing to the table this week but it is very special indeed. But without further ado here is this week’s Weekly Find

Gabriel Gundacker – I Wanna Meet Richard Dreyfuss

Where someone starts when talking about this project is difficult, but the main thing that can be said is that is a gem of an album and I can guarantee you won’t hear something like it that often. That is because of the albums very specific focus, of the projects creator Gabriel Gundacker wanting to meet Actor Richard Dreyfuss. Based on that alone this album is unique but being put best in to the words by Gundacker himself he says on the album’s page “Ten tracks that catalogue my journey from pathetic desire to strange fruition. So if you want to listen to that, here you go.” – Gabriel Gundacker’s Bandcamp.

This album is something that I find is perfect in all the right and wrong ways, because the music is well crafted, the orchestration from start to end on this project is interesting and can keep you engaged simply on that front, but the second you start to mix in the subject matter the album becomes, odd, silly and in one sense stupid but all the while maintaining a high quality in both production and content. As the album opens we hear this track that brings church bells and a choir stating the name of this album’s focus before we are greeted with I Wanna Meet Richard Dreyfuss which acts as this opening number, with a soul kick bringing the album in beautifully and does what it needs to do but also makes you continue on and brings this need to finish this journey you have now started.

As this album continues there are cuts such as I Need To Meet Richard Dreyfuss, I’m Moving on Richard Dreyfuss Pt.2 and I’m Sorry, Richard Dreyfuss all which add to this bizarre yet truly captivating story and journey, which at this point, at least from my perspective you get fully invested in. It is at this point where the journey meets this strange fruition which yet again brings along more genre blending, and yet again feels likely a completely separate artist, similarly to how many of the songs on this album feel. Following this strange journey ending track, the albums best cut enters frame in the form of Disco Dreyfuss, which simply needs to be heard not explained and comes at the tail end of the video below.

There is no way tot ruly encompass all the positives and beautiful moments which are present on this album, but it is an album which I hope many of you will try out. From the differing genres from track to track to the simply bizarre topic that the album takes on makes it an album which is an amazing listen and will truly make you feel you went on this journey to meet Mr. Dreyfuss alongside Gabriel Gundacker.


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