Let’s Talk About: Record Store Day

Record Store Day (RSD) this year celebrated it’s 10 Year Anniversary. With a phenomenal list of records being available for purchase this year hoped to be the highest attended RSD in it’s 10 years. However for many the phenomenon of RSD still remains a mystery. Why do people queue, simply to buy music?

Record Store Day started in 2007, and was the brain child of store owners in not only the US but also Internationally. For those who aren’t sure of what RSD is, it is a one day event that takes place on a Saturday during April. During this day, record lovers and collectors alike are able to pick up exclusive pressings of Albums, EP’s and Singles from artists across many differing genres.

Photo Credit: Valerio Berdini

On the surface, a group of people all waiting to buy vinyl seems outdated, but since RSD’s first annual event it has allowed people to connect over the experience of going in to a record store, selecting a piece of vinyl, and then taking it home to spin it for the first time. It is in this collective gathering that something quite special comes from RSD, as after vinyl’s recent and prominent resurgence, there are people of all ages coming together for this event, whether they are just starting to get in to vinyl or they have been collecting for years.

This year I had the pleasure of going to RSD and it is an experience I wholeheartedly will say that if you are a fan of vinyl you have to do, even if it is only the once. As getting to talk to others about what they aim to pick up, their collections and just all things music is quite gratifying. With everyone being there for something different, for example I went for Kate Nash’s Agenda EP, a friend who came with me went for Danny Brown’s Ain’t It Funny, it also shows the clear diversity that comes from music lovers but also the vast array of possible purchases on the newly revived format.

However, this year didn’t only mark RSD‘s 10th Anniversary, it also marked the crowning of Elton John as the first Record Store Day Legend. Elton John has been collecting for years and in the video below he speaks about being labelled as RSD’s legend but also the importance of the day and experience of going to a record store.


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